Nicola Selby offers two styles of dance photography workshops.


1 full days tuition  – Max group size 6

This workshop caters for photographers of all abilities and dance enthusiasts. 


The Masterclass is a one to one experience, and helps develop the skills of more advanced photographers and those with a keen understanding of dance.  Click here for more information.


Dancers have the ability to push the physical boundaries of their body, creating beautiful, elegant and dramatic lines and shapes. When combined with a photographer that not only understands the technical requirements needed to freeze motion but an understanding of the subject the results can be breathtaking and inspirational. Nicola Selby, a trained dancer and professional dance photographer, will guide you through all aspects of this beautiful subject.aspiring dancers to ensure that they have the right images for their portfolios and marketing. Cheap ball dresses nz. 

Nicola has gained international recognition for her dance photography workshops. Client’s from all over the world come to Nicola’s studio to learn the art of dance photography.  Nicola and her husband Marc also teach abroad and other parts of the UK.


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