Studio Dance Photography Shoot – Northwest UK

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What a successful weekend! I had the opportunity to photograph some of NLDA’s dancers. It was such a pleasure to work with the dancers from NLDA as they had a wealth of creative ideas to bring to the session.  To help the dancers get the best from their images I used remote shoot. Dancers being dancers are always striving to do better, and remote shoot helps them to achieve better lines etc from their images.  The idea that the dancer can look at their last few frames and decide if they like were, the image is going and seeing if their technique is correct, really helps the dancer.  As a former dancer myself I always try to ensure that I give as much advice on posture etc whilst I’m taking the photos, but remote shooting is the best possible reference to get the most from your images.

A lot of the day was spent on a contemporary style of dance photography.  This is one of my favourite styles of dance to photograph as the movements are so versatile and lends itself well to creating beautiful fine art style of photographs.

Examples of the images captured can be seen in the Studio Work section of my dance photography Galleries.

Nicola Selby Dance Photography News - Oct 11, 2010 | Contemporary, Liverpool, Preston, Studio Dance Photography
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