Studio Dance Photography Shoot – Ballet, Contemporary, Street Dance

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Finally after scrimping, saving and general pleading with family we got our studio lights!! Today is the first day we used them.  We were fortunate to be shooting in a large photography studio with large infinity curve.  Due to the nature of some of the dynamic dance shots that I take a large space, with high ceilings is a must, but a large infinity curve is a luxury, which I have today ;) Thanks to all the dancers that participated in this weekend’s shoot, everyone worked really hard and the atmosphere in the studio was fun and energetic! Thanks to North Liverpool Dance Academy and Carol May school of dance for training your dancers beautifully.   A full range of dance styles was evoked this weekend from Street Dance, to contemporary and ballet dance.  We mixed it up and added a few fabrics and rose petals at the end just for effect.  Wind Machine and rose petals is fun until you have to sweep up!  Bethany and Katie were great in this shot and it only took a couple of takes! Tara’s use of fabric and an amazingly flexible back hit the mark in a beautiful and simple shot.  And TJ with his ability to do head stands without arms was just a little frightening to photograph!

Looking forward to getting back into the studio again, had so much fun using the studio lights and seeing what we could capture freezing motion in mid air.

Nicola Selby Dance Photography News - Sep 12, 2010 | Ballet, Contemporary, Liverpool, Preston, Street Dance, Studio Dance Photography
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