Photographing Awakenings By The Rambert Dance Company

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Got the opportunity to photograph the technical rehearsal of the world premiere of the Ramberts new production ‘Awakenings’ at The Lowry in Manchester.

I love all forms of dance but contemporary dance is one of my personal favourites.  Contemporary dance frees the dancer of the constrictions of ballet, and allows the body to freely convey emotion and movement, from deeply expressive roots.  The dancer can abandon rules of pulling up and contort the body in so many forms that really stretch the imagines and the boundaries of the body.  Awakenings, for me, was so expressive and emotive.  It is based on the story of people briefly coming out of a coma and into a world that they are no longer a part of.  The choreography superbly narrates the story and takes the audience on a journey of the soul.  I am so pleased and grateful to the Rambert for inviting me to photograph this performance.  As a photographer of dance I see performances in so much more detail than I did before, I just wished I got to see and photograph it again!

Nicola Selby Dance Photography News - Sep 23, 2010 | Contemporary, Live Performance Dance Photography, Manchester
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