Dance Photography Workshop with Lois Greenfield in New York

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Day 1- I headed off to New York to participate in a dance photography workshop with Lois Greenfield.  What an absolutely fabulous weekend.  A little nervy heading to New York for the first time on my lonesome but that was short lived.  Lois, Jack and the rest of the team made me feel very welcome.  The first day of the workshop, Lois introduced us to her studio set up and the equipment she uses.  This was going to be my first experience of using a Hasselblad and Broncolour lighting!  My first attempt at photographing the dancers went a little pear shaped! Being a former dancer I photographed as a dancer so would watch for the movement and anticipate what was to come next, and hence, missed a lot of the shots.  Lois was very quick to discuss with me were I was going wrong, and that it was common mistake that all previous dancers make when photographing dance.  I very quickly learnt to put my photographer head on and regroup my thinking and way of taking photos.  Instantly the results were a great improvement, and I was then able to use my dance training and new found skills to create some lovely dance images.  By the end of the first day I was shattered, but the buzz of the day spurred me on to enjoy the New York nightlife, and even a little photography of the Brooklyn Bridge at night, followed by a little Jamaican rum!

Day 2 – I couldn’t wait to get started, this time we would be photographing dancers against a black background.  The Broncolour light shapers were excellent for this.  I really enjoyed shooting against the black and learning how the light shapes and defines the body, giving the dancers physique beautiful contours.  I expanded on the knowledge gained from the previous day and worked with the dancers using fabrics, this in itself looks easier than it is. Those fabrics have a mind of their own, and require the patients of a saint, but eventually I got a lovely shot of dancers in what looks to be like a heart shape, made from the flow of the fabric.  The day came to end all too quickly.  I had the most fantastic experience working with Lois, and the dancers from the Amy Marshall dance company.  Lois has taught me so much in such a short amount of time.  Her love of the subject transpires through her teaching.  I am so grateful to Lois and Jack for being generous with their knowledge and for helping me to firmly start my journey as a dance photographer.

Nicola Selby Dance Photography News - Apr 15, 2008 | Studio Dance Photography
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