NICOLA SELBY, a UK photographer, has gained international recognition for her dance photography work. Nicola’s imagery encapsulates a dancers movements and creative expression. The style of Nicola’s photography has been recognised by commercial client’s across the globe, and continues to be sort after for advertising and fine art. Nicola passion for dance photography is fuelled by her former training as a professional dancer. Nicola understands the industry and the people that work within it, combining the two art forms to create inspiring images. Nicola continues to develop her portfolio and has also won awards for her business acumen. Her work has featured in a number of publications, and has a loyal following on social media platforms.

Nicola continually strives to support the dance community by marketing companies she has worked with through her following on social media. Nicola recognises that the dance community in the UK has had drastic cuts in funding and is committed to supporting new and existing companies.

Nicola’s also hosts dance photography workshops to client’s in the UK and internationally.

Nicola is often assisted on shoots by her husband, Marc Huntington, who has been working with her for many years.  When not behind the camera Nicola can be found in her other creative business, her florist, Brambles and Heather in Lancashire or on famliy adventures over at A Tings Life.


The Rambert, Scottish Ballet, Riverdance, The BBC, StageCoach Performing Arts, Harlequin Floors, Motionhouse, Birmingham Hippodrome, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, 12 Degrees North, Pure Lindy.




Dancing Times, Modern Gentleman, Bowens litebook magazine, f2freelancephotographer

Filmed by channel 4


Bowens Litebook Article


 ” There is a vitality, a life force, and energy, a quickening  that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique”  Martha Graham 

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